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Friday Feb 8,2019


CHIPPER (25 Min Cap)
15 *Burpee DL 185/125 m135/95 sm125/75
30 HSPU/Mod.
10 Rope Climb/50 Plank Row (L+R=2) 50/35 m40/25
20 Power Clean “ '
5 Snatch Complex** 135/85 m105/75 sm85/65
10 Pistols (L+R=1)
/20 Gob Squats 70/53

*You need enough weight on the bar to support you without collapsing.  Do your pushup with hands on the barbell then snap to your feet following with a deadlift.  If your bar is skimpy put your hands on the ground for the burpee.  
**Snatch Complex – Sn. Grip DL + H. Pwr. Snatch + OHS + R OH Lunge + L OH Lunge

With the remaining Class time…
Work on a skill, make up something you missed from the week, work on mobility, make up your own ab workout.

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