Infinity Fitness CrossFit Bootcamp is the most effective type of bootcamp one can use to earn a lean body.  By varying movements, emphasizing cardiovascular training, programming broadly in scope and specifically in design, and providing a competitive and team-like environment, our bootcamp yields results quickly. It is unique in the way that it creates a movement within the group involved.  Another defining characteristic is how the workouts are scalable to one’s physical capabilities.  For example, workouts can be modified by changing the body movement or decreasing the weight.  This scalability factor allows everyone to be on a more level playing field.
What to expect from Boot Camp:
•Core strength and a tighter back side
•Function that will apply to any sport as well as everyday life
•Increase in strength and cardiovascular endurance
•Increase in coordination and agility
•Have a blast working out with like-minded, motivated people

Tuesday & Thursday
6:30am and 7:00pm

Bootcamp Fees: