CrossFit Sign-up and Pricing

CrossFit Class:
Monday, Wednesday and Friday
5:30am, 7:30am on Wed, 7:45a on M/F, 9:30am
4:30pm and 5:30pm

CrossFit is a conditioning program that uses highly varied, random functional movements performed at a high level of intensity.  The workouts are specifically designed and led by a certified CrossFit trainer.  The training focuses on strength, speed, power, endurance, mobility and skills.  Workouts are timed and competitive, and will accelerate your ability to become fitter.  Classes are one hour in duration.

CrossFit Fees:
3x/week $125.00/month -OR- 2x/week $100.00/month
    *each of these memberships includes CrossFit Open Gym and Cardio & Strength Open Gym
    *Additional family member are at highly discounted prices